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e-Shot by Smart Target Systems

The First AR550 Steel "Smart Target System

Shooting will Never be the Same!

e-Shot combines the toughness of it’s electronic AR550 Steel Target and our patent-pending impact location technology to bring you the ultimate and most exciting shooting sports targets available.

Using real-time impact detection sensors and Wifi, the e-Shot connects with your smart phone or tablet device to instantly display, score and record each on-target impact during your shooting session no matter what type of gun you shoot.

The e-Shot is blind to caliber, bullet weight, velocity or distance and will accurately provide the shooter with their impact on target. Our target system is suited for use with both close range handguns and long distance precision rifle shooting. Simply shoot the target with any firearm and get instant target impacts on a screen right in front of you.

Imagine… more time shooting and less time walking up-range to change targets. No more guessing which shot was which, with e-Shot, each shot is numbered and displayed right on your mobile device. Easily replaces paper targets, synthetic targets, wooden targets and your spotting scope. Our technology will help you optimize your marksmanship, and save you time at the range, deer lease or wherever you like to shoot.

The Game has changed and e-Shot will keep you on Target!



 e-Shot proudly made in Texas right here in the USA