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Securing Today, Safeguarding Tomorrow
G2 Solutions LLC

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In an ever-evolving security landscape, preparation and expertise make the difference. At G2 Solutions, we leverage the collective proficiency of Military, State, County, and Municipality Police veterans and specialized physical security specialists to deliver unmatched training across diverse sectors. From independent schools to marine patrols, we're shaping the gold standard in security readiness.

Key Services Highlight:

  • School Security Excellence:

    • School Resource Officer Training: Crafting officers that foster trust while ensuring safety.

    • Campus Security Protocols: Modern strategies for safeguarding our private and public education hubs.

    • HR and Leadership Engagement: Empowering Human Resources, Heads of School, and Headmasters with crucial security knowledge.

  • Marine and Harbor Vigilance:

    • Marine Patrol Tactics: Navigating security on the waters.

    • Harbor Security Protocols: Keeping our ports of entry vigilant and safeguarded.

    • Advanced Surveillance Systems: Implementing state-of-the-art technology to monitor and protect marine assets around the clock.

    • Emergency Response Preparedness: Training teams for rapid and effective action during maritime crises, ensuring safety and minimizing threats.

  • Law Enforcement Training:

    • Municipal, County, and State Police Training: Elevating our police forces with advanced strategies and knowledge.

    • SWAT & Tactical Excellence: Specialized training for those at the forefront of critical incidents, ensuring quick response, precision, and strategic advantage.

    • Close Combat Mastery: Equip teams with hand-to-hand combat techniques vital for high-risk scenarios and immediate threat neutralization.

    • Firearms Mastery: Expert-led firearms training for precision, control, and safety.

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